Lease Transfers from Brooklyn Car Leasing

A lease transfer is an aspect of auto leasing that provides the opportunity for a lessee to get out of a lease early without any severe penalties. While a lease transfer is a great way to get out of a lease early should the need arise, it is not always that simple. There can be several complications depending on your lease provider. Some of the auto leasing companies still imposes various fees for lease transfers. In some cases, the terms for lease transfers may not be favorable as they may require you to be responsible if they experience an issue with the new lessee.
This is certainly not a term you can agree with particularly if the lease is being transferred to a stranger you have no ties with. In some cases, leasing companies completely prohibit this forcing you to exit the lease by paying a large sum to cover the remainder of the lease payments. Finally, the most difficult part with a lease transfer is that it takes time. You are not going to find a person willing to take over your lease in a matter of days. It can take several weeks or months depending on the model of the vehicle.

Transferring your lease with Brooklyn Car Leasing

Brooklyn Car Leasing considers lease transfers differently. We feel that a lease transfer is a powerful feature of the concept of auto leasing that can make the whole idea of leasing your car a lot more appealing. Extensively practicing lease transfers means no nervous sweat as you sign your lease wondering if you can see your car through the full lease term. A lease transfer gives you a very viable out without having to make a long term commitment if you need or want to get out of your lease. At Brooklyn Car Leasing, we fully support lease transfers and would be happy to even assist you with arranging for a lease transfer by advertising the availability of a lease transfer for whatever the vehicle model you drive. With our broad reach, you can be assured that you will find a suitable lessee to transfer your lease to in no time at all.
Another benefit of working with Brooklyn Car Leasing is that we do not impose any strict penalties or fees if you plan on transferring your lease. So you can change over your car and acquire a new lease way before your lease term ends if you would like a new car. Additionally, if you are looking for a short term lease contract, we can help you take over a lease of an existing customer so you can experience a car you would enjoy driving without paying too much for it.

Lease with us

Drive your favorite car on lease and forget about having to stick through an extensive lease period. With Brooklyn Car Leasing, we provide ample flexibility so you don’t have to concern yourself with lengthy lease contracts. Contact our auto leasing agency today at 718-393-5553 and find out what we can do for you.