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Car leasing is a high involvement purchase that requires considerable thought and time before making a decision. Perhaps this is why car dealerships primarily conduct their business with a traditional brick and mortar shop where the vehicles are showcased and customers visit in order to inspect and eventually buy a car. While dealerships do have websites, most business is carried out by walking in to the store. At Brooklyn Car Leasing, we conduct our business exclusively online. This might be a little strange and may even discourage certain customers.
The reason we made this move is to allow us to provide the best auto leasing rates that you can find anywhere in the industry. Maintaining and staffing a physical dealership is the largest expense for a dealership and by eliminating this, we can offer extremely low rates.

Large Inventory of Vehicles

Having a physical space has its obvious limits. Due to the limited space that a dealership provides, it somehow acts as a bottle neck to the number of vehicles that a car dealership can offer. Of course, they could display some of the models and have the rest available if customers request it, but most dealerships choose to deal with a limited number of models. With our web based business model at Brooklyn Car Leasing, we can easily scale and manage hundreds or even thousands of car models. When browsing through our website, you will be surprised to find that we offer virtually every model of every brand you can imagine! Except for a select for manufacturers that you will most likely not be considering to buy, we have anything on offer.
To top this off, we are also happy to accommodate any requests for different appearance packages as well as custom builds based on your preference. Working with Brooklyn Car Leasing is like having multiple exclusive car dealerships under one roof.

Comprehensive, professional client support

Our sales representatives are not just trained to sell you a car and follow up on your lease. We have extensive knowledge in virtually every aspect that is required to execute a lease. You don’t have to come to us after making the decision on what car to own. Even if you have just made a decision to lease out a new car, you can pick up the phone and get in touch with us. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and offer some solutions that you might like to pick.
Apart from helping you choose your car from any car manufacturer, we also offer financing assistance. Getting the right financial provider is no longer your problem. At Brooklyn Car Leasing, we make it our problem as well. We will be happy to work with you and suggest a suitable financer based on your requirement. If you are holding off leasing your new car while you get your credit in order, you don’t have to anymore! Our consultation can suit even people who have less than ideal credit.

Start today

What are you waiting for? Give us a call and find out how we can help. Our advice is given with no obligations so you have nothing to lose. Dial 718-393-5553 and get started working with Brooklyn Car Leasing today.