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Own a quality automobile without a major financial commitment

An Audi is a car that is associated with reliability and quality. Audis have continued to prosper despite the automotive industry becoming quite crowded over the last few decades. Perhaps this may be due to their consistent development of top quality cars that people applaud. Audi owners are generally happy after purchase and you could be one of them! You don’t have to reserve a large chunk of your pay check or dig in to your savings to own an Audi, with Brooklyn Car Leasing, you could be on the road with an Audi with a small monthly fee.

Lease any Audi model

At Brooklyn Car Leasing, we specialize in auto leasing so you are not limited to certain models. Audi is more versatile with their choice of cars and there are dozens to choose from. Fortunately, we have auto leasing plans for any Audi you pick. Even if you are looking for the super luxury, sporty R8, we will be happy to arrange a leasing structure that you are comfortable paying. Some of the models we have include the A3, Q1, TT and R8. Whether you are looking for an Audi SUV, Wagon or sedan, you will find it at Brooklyn Car Leasing.

Unique leasing service in Brooklyn

If you are headed out with a map marked with all the dealerships in Brooklyn, you can back up a bit and take a seat. When you work with brooklyncarleasing.com, we take over all the pain points of shopping for a new car lease. You can carry out the entire process online, browse through an inventory of thousands of cars from various manufacturers and even send in your paperwork digitally. In fact, even when your lease is approved and your car is ready, you can continue to lounge in your favorite chair at home or office while your new Audi is delivered to you! Brooklyn Car Leasing brings you leasing you’ve never experienced before!

Variable leasing options

With the sheer number of Audi models and your amazing driving experience, you might soon want to try out another model. If you are having this itch, it’s not a problem. You are no longer bound by the shackles of a strict, lengthy leasing agreement that keeps you tied to your car until you don’t want to drive it anymore. Simply speak to us and we will be happy to make necessary arrangements to transfer or terminate your lease without excessive penalties and fees. We will also be happy to arrange a replacement vehicle of your choice in the mean-time.

Pick up the phone today

Don’t spend any more time pondering your decision to get yourself a new lease. Give us a call on 718-393-5553 and you could be driving the car you deserve sooner than you think. Whether it is the choice of car or the complicated terms that come with a lease, our staff will be happy to help you with every step of the way.